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Winner of Outstanding Ethnic Restaurant, Rotorua Hospitality Awards 2016
Winner of Outstanding Takeaway Restaurant, Rotorua Hospitality Awards 2015
Winner of People's Choice Award, Rotorua Hospitality Awards 2014
Winner of Customer Service Award, Rotorua Business Excellence awards 2013
Winner of Outstanding Restaurant & Outstanding Chef - Rotorua Hospitality Awards 2012

Cumin, a staple spice in indian food. That's no exception in our restaurant Order a refreshing drink from our fully licensed bar, or alternatively bring your own wine to enjoy with your meal.



Fresh Coriander compliments many an Indian dish

(Banquet meals are for dine-in only. Please don't ask for leftovers to be taken away)

Non Vegetarian Banquet

Vegetarian Banquet


Children's Menu

Yoghurt, Essential for a rich creamy sauce and makes a superb side dish

Side Dishes



Mains From Tandoor

Dishes may be served mild, medium or hot



Coconut inspired dishes from Southern IndiaBeef


Yoghurt. Perfect for a rich creamy curryVegetables

Green Cardamon. Used for adding flavour and heat to Indian food

Rice & Biryanies

Biryanies are wholesome meals and served with raita.


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